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DoUndo • 2018 rpg

sandosan •

Two demi-gods trying to prove each other wrong about the meaning of a mortal's life. One of you (Do) was trapped inside a labyrinth while the other (Undo) handles the rooms and encounters inside it. 

Shuffle a rubik's cube and give 6 colored cards to Undo, each card a color in the cube, and a concept. 
Blue:Sloth Red:Lust Orange:Gluttony Green:Envy Yellow:Greed Black/White:Wrath

Undo chooses a card and narrates a story bit with the concept, presenting an obstacle (AND solution) for Do inside the labyrinth until he runs out of ideas, while Do tries to solve the cube. 4 minutes minimum.

If Do completed the side shown in the card, earns a point. Otherwise Undo earns it. Cards can only be played once.

2 minutes pause and cube is passed. Do must narrate the solution that the character came up with for that conflict, while Undo shuffles the cube. If the solution proposed isn't adequate given the narrative, Undo may ask Do to re-think it. 2 minutes, minus 20 secs x side solved by Do.

Repeat until Do solves the rubik cube (Do wins), or when Undo runs out of cards. Highest score wins.

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