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Cops on stakeout • 2018 rpg

Mathilde Lenoir • none

Interpret the roles of cops in unmarked police cars on stakeout for a night!

Roll a 10 sided dice on each chart: 

Chart 0 : Police squad
1-2: Criminal investigation
3-4: Child abuse
5-6: Forward intelligence 
7-8: Special branch
9-10: Specialist investigation

They are 2 cops in each car. Choose which one talks first. 

Chart 1: What are they talking about?
1.	Family
2.	Friends
3.	Love
4.	Hobbies
5.	The current case
6.	An old case
7.	Colleagues relationship
8.	Chiefs relationship
9.	Partners relationship
10.	Player chooses  a theme

The second character rolls a dice on chart 1.

Chart 2: Something happens
1.	Someone get assaulted
2.	An undercover officer gets out from the watched place. 
3.	An undercover dirty cop gets out from the watched place. 
4.	One offender gets out from the watched place. 
5.	Several offenders get out from the watched place.
6.	A phone call.
7.	An addict comes near the car.
8.	A couple asks the cops their way.
9.	Why is a child here?
10.	A prostitute offers her services to the cops. 

Then, cops talk about the night, their feelings and what they're doing next.

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