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AmnesiaX • 2018 rpg

Christopher West •

You awake without memory to a world you do not recall and in a body not your own... How will you overcome your Amnesia and what will you do when you find out who and what you are?

AmnesiaX puts the player(s) in a situation where they have to uncover the truth about themselves and the world around them. 

You have 4 Talents. For each of these you roll 1d3 to get your score.

Mental - reasoning, sciences, research, accuracy
Physical - physical strength, hand eye coordination, toughness
Social - dealing with people
Spiritual - connection to the spirit world or divine. Luck, Danger Sense

The basics: 2d6 + Two Talents vs opposed roll or a set TN

Average Target Number is 10

Attacking with a Weapon
Physical + Mental opposed by target's Physical + Mental. If you win, you deal the difference in damage.

Health & Dying
Targets have 100 health. Once this reaches 0 they die. Heal Physical points per day

Every 3 sessions, 1 point to add to any talent

AmnesiaX is a system designed to be picked up and used in any genre or setting. 

Author Comments

This was a quick entry to test my skills at creating shorter rule sets and creative writing. Part of the basic rule set is an extra from a bigger game I am working on called Dark Era - you can find out more at

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