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Folding • 2018 rpg

Niq Clark •

Five years ago the two of you sacrificed everything to be together safe from THE EVENT. Jin's cybernetics can no longer be recharged. Plex's family won't speak to you if you emerge safely. 

Either of you may have caused THE EVENT or imagined it. 

You are arguing about something that happened yesterday. What?

Make a character sheet listing these two memories:
- Something you miss
- Something you're glad you're rid of.
And one or more of the following - memories that give you: 
- confidence, 
- shame, 
- anxiety,
- motivation. 

As you argue, you may assert memories from your sheet as often as you like. When you assert a memory, the other player FOLDs their character sheet. 

FOLDING: bring some portion of the blank back to cover at least two letters but no more than half the words on the front. Write in the covered areas to modify your affected memories.

Memories asserted were part of the argument notwithstanding later modifications on paper.

Choose one memory to be SECRET from the other person. Both players FOLD when a SECRET is asserted. Regardless how the SECRET changes, it remains secret until you assert it.

The argument ends when a player can no longer FOLD.

Author Comments

This is a game about about unreliable memory and being in love with somebody who has severe social anxiety and childhood trauma. It’s my first standalone game.

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