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I do speak human • 2018 rpg

Toulou •

Your spaceship crashed on Earth. You've taken the body of an average suburban human, and you try to blend in as much as you can.

One day, a detective shows up and gather all the neighbors. He claim he research someone acting strange, like an alien.

Player : One detective, at least 3 neighbors

Cut 50 (or more) pieces of papers and write on each of them a word used often in everyday life ("Eat", "Sorry",etc...) Each neighbors pick randomly five papers, without showing them.

Take from a deck one card for each neighbors, minus one. Add to the pile the joker card. Each neighbors pick one at random, without showing it. Whoever picks the joker is the alien.

The detective will ask questions to each neighbor, about their everyday life. Each neighbor have to answer with the most normal and human answer possible. The neighbors can't talk, unless being asked. 

The alien, not used to human language, can't use any of the five words he picked, or any directly derivated (Ex: "Eat" -> "Eating" ).

The game end when the detective accuse someone to be the alien. If it is, the detective and the human win. If not, the alien win.

Author Comments

In my original idea, the alien was some kind of parasite going from body to body. The idea was, after several questions, the cards were shuffled and the alien was another neighbor. But I’m not sure it was a good idea (and, you know, the word limit and all that)

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