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It's For My Niece's Wedding • 2018 rpg

Justus Leben • no link

3-6 players

Deal six notecards.
Players write descriptions of objects on five.

Each object has:
Utility - (baking, lubrication...)
Costs - ($75, dignity...)
Size - (get creative...)
Description - (flammable, stretchy...)

Players are collectors of a category that they secretly write on final card
Collectors win when they have three objects all matching category (expensive, portable, useful in rain...)

Shuffle objects into a deck. Reveal three objects as the "yardsale."

Take turns clockwise, player with smallest pockets starts.

On your turn, choose one:
-Take a yardsale object. Explain why you want it. If someone has another card that fits that desire, they may trade it for another of your cards that you pick. Left of you has first dibs. If you have four objects, yardsale one. Otherwise, yardsale top of deck.

-Draw an object from the deck. If you have four objects, trash a yardsale card, and replace with one of yours.

-Say any player's category (including self). If you are correct, you keep any one of their objects. They trash remaining objects and write new category. Reveal goal only if correct. 

If deck is empty, shuffle trashed objects into deck.
Play until someone finishes their category.

Author Comments

I don’t even have a niece.

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