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One Shot, One Opportunity, Don't let it slip • 2018 rpg

Guilherme DR •

You prepared for this your hole life, and you picked some Good Things along the way. 

You ain't perfect though:
		One Weakness:  Something you want to hide.

There are 3 things to face :

Face the world: 
	The world is unforgiving. Might help, might shit on you. Let's see how tonight goes.
	Throw a die. 	3-4 You made it.
			1-2 Someone is watching over you. New Ally.
			5-6 Shit goes bad. Sacrifice a Good Thing, or It Is Over.

Face others:
	Others doubt you, or also want it. Tonight you show them wrong.
	Take a card.  Make that card an Ace. 
For every Aly you can increase its value in 1.
For every Weakness you can decrease in 1.
A joker works, but you lose a Good Thing. 

Face yourself:
	You own it, you better never let it go.

	Describe how each weakness helps you achieve your dream. 10 seconds. You lose every weakness you spun.  A plan ignores a weakness,  
	Back to the lab again yo, 
		You get a new Good Thing and a new Weakness.

Try again. You can do anything you set your mind to, man. 

Author Comments

It’s always one shot, and there are always more shots.

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