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I Was Once A Mighty Mountain • 2018 rpg

Drew Besse • no link

Adventure to the shore of a lake or river. One which is full of stones.

Select a stone that speaks to you. Listen to it. Feel it. Discover what makes it unique. The stone represents something. Something that was once large and powerful. This is you.

Think: Who were you? What did you do?

Speak: "I was once..."

Tell a story from when you were large. How are you respected? How do you command attention?

Hold your stone. Examine it. Study it. Find something new about it. What it once represented has been reduced by time. Now it represents something average and mundane. It is still you.

Think: What has changed about you? About the world?

Speak: "I am now..."

Tell a story from the present. In what ways do you stand out? In what ways do you blend in?

Hold your stone. Remember it. Cast it into the waters. What it once represented will be further reduced to sand. It'll become small and fragile. But it will still be you.

Think: What will change about you? About the world?

Speak: "I will become..."

Tell a story from when you'll be small. How are you remembered? How are you overlooked?

Author Comments

Shout out to the RPG Workshop ( for the feedback / playtests / encouragement!

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