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Old Wounds • 2018 rpg

John Godwin IV •

Firelight flickers on a small group of ancient, wizened faces. These warriors are scared but still burning with old hatred. 

Players are chieftains of rival tribes, arguing out old feuds and trying to get what they want out of a peace treaty. 

You need: Index Cards and D6s 

Write a card describing who you are, who your tribe is, and what your people cherish most. 

Then write one Demand card per rival with something you want from them out of the treaty.

Write 2 cards per rival describing an Old Conflict between you and any rival. You can play any number of these against any rival. Keep these hidden in your hand. 
Take turns choosing a rival and an old conflict to start an argument. After the argument is roleplayed, each non-involved rival decides who "won" the argument and gives that player a dice. Put it on the appropriate Demand card.

Whomever played the conflict gets one dice on that Demand. After all conflicts have been played, take turns rolling the dice from each Demand against each rival. 

The winner gets what they want from that rival. Roleplay these out to find the fate of the tribe and the treaty!

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