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Honestly this character limit is a little too • 2018 rpg

Markus Leben •

In preparation, please remove your socks and shoes. Feel the carpet, hardwood, or grass under your feet.

You're a frazzled game designer strapped for ideas. When you finish reading this, you have one minute to think up a pitch for a game (use your phone's timer). During this time, your friends will stare at you silently.

After you have a pitch, attempt to convince your friends. They will be unreceptive. They will poke holes in your idea. They will put airquotes around 'constructive' criticism. They will tell you you should've gotten a real job at the shoe factory.

Defend your game, circumvent their problems, convince them of how fun it will be. Be creative. No matter how bleak it seems, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and I'm not just saying that because survivorship bias means I'll never know that that light only exists for a teeny tiny fraction of people.

When you give up, repeat this process until every player has gotten over being creative.

If you propose this game as your pitch, your friends should remind you that metahumor is the lowest form of comedy, before beating you to death with your own shoes. 

Author Comments

Thanks to my little brother Justus for mentioning this competition to me.

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