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Armageddon, Arms, and Armor • 2018 rpg

Czar_Theodore •

Players will each command a tank, which are uniquely designed by them and which are grouped into 3 categories:

Light- fast and reliable with a crew of 3 
Medium- good armor and speed with a crew 4
heavy- good armor and penetration with a crew of 4-5

These will be the starting Chassis with which the players will build their tanks.

The stats are:

Side armor 
Front armor
Penetration (will damage HP if higher than armor of target)
Speed (how spaces the can move)
Communication (How well they can relay locations of enemies, good if a player has low optics)
Optics (determines along with a role who spots the enemy)
camouflage ("stealth" basically only for ambushes)
Reliability (Determines severity of critical fails, like if your tank burst into flames) 

A light tank starts with:

SA 2
FA 4
Penetration 4
Speed 8
Communication 5
Optics 6
camouflage 6
Reliability 6 


SA  4
FA  6
Pn  5
Sp  5
Com 5
OP  4 
Cam 4
Rel 4


SA  6
FA  8
Pn  8
Sp  4
Com 4
OP  4 
Cam 2
Rel 4 

Players have 12 points they may use to add onto any stat on their tanks.


Author Comments

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