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The Hero Initiatory Journey • 2018 rpg

Yann k •

For 3 players and some d10.

The HERO is on his Journey, he starts with 2 gifts and 3 flaws, write them down.
The COMPANION follows the HERO, during the game he can help him 2 times, and can sacrifice himself once.
The ADVERSITY introduces 5 challenges one by one.

In a challenge, the HERO and the ADVERSITY both roll 1 first dice. The one with the highest dice starts the narration. Then it rotates between all the players who introduce new elements. If the HERO involves a gift, he can roll a new dice, if the adversity takes advantage of a flaw, forces the HERO to reroll his best dice.
If the COMPANION can help, he rolls a dice. The COMPANION sacrifices his life, he forces the ADVERSITY to reroll his best dice.

At the end, the FATE is the person with by the highest dice. In case of tie, the living COMPANION is the FATE, otherwise the ADVERSITY is.
The FATE decides the outcome of the challenge, if passed, remove a flaw; if failed, remove a gift.

The end of the journey is the 5th challenge; the FATE decision determines the outcome of the whole Quest.

Author Comments

Thanks to The Hero with a Thousand Faces and Orlanth lightbringer.

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