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No Glykon •

Storytelling about friendship between Emma Tetra, teen witch, and Downer, a giant monster:
You need index cards and markers. 
Take five index cards. On one write GOAL;  another write MISS BEHAVE; another TRAGEDY; another INTIMACY; the fifth SUCCESS. The 5 cards start the deck. Shuffle them. Place words down.
Take turns drawing a card and adding story. For each card, describe Emma's experience related to the card. If you draw GOAL, describe Emma acquiring a new goal, a vision--maybe reinvestment in old objectives. Same when MISS BEHAVE's drawn, describe Downer miss behaving. For TRAGEDY, describe a TRAGEDY happening. Make sure the storytelling plays in shared narrative created by players before you. For INTIMACY, intimate moment between Emma and Downer. For SUCCESS, Emma achieves a goal or something good happens to them. When no cards are left, the next player writes a new event, abstract or concrete, on a clean index card (Examples: "ENTERS EXTRA DIMENSION", "IRONY", or "DEVELOPS CRUSH"). Shuffle card in with the deck, put all cards words down, and the next player draws from top, and the game loops with a new card being added each round. 
Game ends when a THE END card's created and drawn.

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