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Meeting of Fictional Gods • 2018 rpg

Samuel Leigh •

The fictional gods have a meeting every week, often in a casino or the center of some terribly old star. Once there, they discuss the particulars of their existence, defining and redefining themselves by playing a game with mortal lives. 

A game for 3- 5 players:

Create a scene by marking a large square on a table. 
Place two stones inside the scene, and three outside.

Players decide what the distance between stones represents.
Perhaps distance represents distance. Perhaps distance represents love.

On a player's turn, they attempt to describe the current scene. 
This player then changes the scene in accordance to the god they've chosen to embody. 

God of Self: In 1 - 2 words, define what 1 stone represents. (Shoemaker, New-York Hope)
God of Others: In 1 - 2 words, define a relationship between 2 stones. (Parents, Strangers, Enemies, Friends) 
God of Chance: Switch the position of 2 stones.
God of Decision: Move a stone anywhere in the scene.
God of Chaos: Redefine what distance between stones represents.

Once a cycle of turns has ended, place a new stone onto the board.
After 3 cycles, take turns removing stones, explaining each one's ultimate fate.

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