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Time-Phases • 2018 rpg

Marlon Zewen • no link

There's crack in the spacetime, therefore all players travel to one of six times periodically (approximately every 15 minutes). 

To define in which time they travel, one rolls a D6. Each number is assigned to one time. At the beginning they are at time 4. There should be a difference between the times of 20-40 Years.

If they change something in earlier times, it has impacts in the moment they travel back. They only travel thru time, not thru space, so if they enter a building, that isn't build then and go in the future, they are inside the building. Players never travel into solid matter.

Each player has six stats: agility, charisma, intelligence, prestidigitation, stealth, strength. At the beginning, each character could spend 7 points on them. 

To something that could fail, a player must roll a D6. He adds the value of the stat that fits must to the action. The higher, the better the action worked. It failed with a final result from 1-3 (higher with more difficult actions). 

The game is lead by a master who acts for the NPC and judges on the players actions. He also creates the story on his own. 

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