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Live Action Elimination Game, a D100 game. • 2018 rpg

Dániel Lelesz •

2-100 players, 5-90 minutes. Play in the open or on an Expo.

A fighting game with any theme, where the players receive one d100, character chart, symbol, pouch with 1-5 tokens. 

Any player may challenge another, they can't refuse. Only duels are allowed. If somebody kills, takes 1 token.

1st Phase: Roll your attributes with D100, valid throws are between 25 and 75. Three stats: Supernatural, Ugly, Marvelous.

2nd: Timer starts and gives 5 minutes of immunity to all attendants to spread.

3rd: Challenge on! 5-85 minutes remaining to get as many tokens as you can. If you run out, lose your symbol! Additional symbols increase your stats by 1 each.

4th Phase: Game ends, back to base and count.

Challenge: Both roll, higher starts.

To fight: Attacker selects S or U or M. Both roll a check on the selected attribute. 
Roll lower to succeed and sum the difference, that is your attack/defense power. 
If attacker has 1 or more compared, then the defendant's attribute drops to Zero, not allowed for defense on that until the challenge ends. A valid attack against a Zero attribute means death. 

Take turns.

  / \
 100  [@]-[@] [~]-[~] [#]-[#] [']-['] [!]-[!] [>]-[<] [/]-[\] [=}-{=] [+}-{+] {*]-[*} {$}-{$} 
  \ /

Author Comments

This is a fighting system that could serve as a rule set for various scenarios.

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