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Paige Jackson • no link

a game for 2-5 players

One of you is the MASTER. Choose now.

The rest of you are SLAVES.

MASTER, you may only communicate with your SLAVES through an order.

SLAVES, you may obey or disobey any order given to you by your MASTER.

MASTER, you may punish your SLAVES as you see fit at any time you see fit.

Neither party may bring foreign objects into the game once it has begun 

SLAVES, your goal is to gain your MASTER'S complete trust or completely overthrow your MASTER, however you go about this is acceptable. 

MASTER, your goal is to prevent your SLAVES from achieving this.

If the participants wish to create characters, make them up as you go, or participants may simply be themselves.

Author Comments

Remember: character design is completely optional.

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