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Among the Wreckage • 2018 rpg

Michael Dolan •

In a moment, everything you knew was obliterated by the Faceless Beast. After a sleepless night, dawn finally breaks over your destroyed home and life. What can you recover today?

Tell one another what or who you're searching for - Loved ones? Shelter? Transportation?

Scatter a deck of cards facedown. Roll a six-sided die for first player, proceeding clockwise.

Roll the die.

Pick up as many facedown cards as the number rolled, placing them face up in front of you.

Narrate a scene describing your search, incorporating these elements based on revealed cards:

Diamonds: Collecting supplies

Clubs: Navigating wreckage

Hearts: Finding nourishment

Spades: Meeting someone else

(Even numbers represent complications. Odd numbers represent aid.)

Face Cards: Encountering another player. You must either give them two of your cards or take two of theirs, incorporating your choice in your scene. If no one has two or more cards, there's no interaction.

Aces: Reaching your current goal. Describe the scene (incorporating any other cards revealed this turn) and what you're searching for next.

Play until all aces are found. Then darkness falls and you must make camp. Take one final turn each to reflect on the day's events and describe preparations for tomorrow.

Author Comments

Optional scoring for competitive play: Aces=15 points, other cards=1 point

The Faceless Beast is deliberately generic so players can interpret the disaster as they see fit to create their own stories. Thanks to Brita for her support and input :)

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