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The Harsh • 2018 rpg

Lewis Pearce • no link

Players roll a d6.  They must roll at or below their skill level to succeed. Something that causes a minor advantage/disadvantage will subtract/add 1 to the die roll, a major advantage/disadvantage will subtract/add 2 to the roll.  The DM makes the player roll against the stat that closest fits what they are trying to do and compare it to the enemy, highest degree of success wins.

All players start with a 1 in all stats (Courage, Fitness, Wisdom, Appearance, Diplomacy).  Roll a 2d6 and take the highest, distribute those points to stats.

 Players level up after three major events (Battles, diplomatic missions, etc).

Light armor provides -1 to hit, Heavy armor provides -2 to hit.

Characters take one point of damage to be mortally wounded and need medical attention or die in 1d6 minutes.  Two points of damage kills a character.

Small Weapons 1 point of damage
 Large weapons 2 points of damage

Setting: Players are characters in late 1400's Europe trying to survive.  There are no special powers or abilities and life is rarely fair.  The player can be anything such as a priest, dock master, or begger.  The world is Harsh.

Author Comments

Made this to put desire back into my heart. It worked. Special thanks to my testers Nate and Jessie. Extra special thanks to my wife for putting up with me working on this and reminding me to post it before the deadline.

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