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More Than Human • 2018 rpg

Ray Trent • no link

The players are human Minds, computer-simulated by a starship travelling the galaxy. Upon reaching a system, the Minds are downloaded into "printed" Bodies for exploration. 

Mind: Choose 3 positive skills (totaling +7) & 3 negative skills (totaling -7). 

Body: Anything you can imagine (with GM approval). Gives +1 to two skills and -1 to one skill.

Skills are limited to +/-5.

Heart: +1 Heart point for each system entered. Dice are heartless: spending a Heart point allows re-rolling one action. 

The GM dreams up some "episodes" for systems. Example: "Ship sucked in by giant space amoeba, killable only with antimatter". 

The GM describes a system, and the Minds design Bodies in response. As the episode's plot unfolds, Minds decide what their Bodies do; the GM decides the difficulty of these actions and appropriate skills to use:

The player rolls 3d6+skill & the GM rolls 3d6+difficulty. The GM describes success/failure proportional to how much over/under the roll is. A tie equals marginal success. Bad failures might kill a Body for this episode. 

The GM may reward good play with Heart points, pluses players can assign to skills, or items/Bodies that add to some skill. 

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