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Way Far • 2018 rpg

Ben Swinden •

Around the fire, you and  your companions share one last meal. The shadow of tomorrow's task looms monolithic. You've travelled together countless miles to reach this point. Your journeys have brought some of you together, and driven some of you apart. Soon enough, the morning will come.


Choose one from each list, describe yourself out loud: 

» Builder, Exiled, Pilot, Slave, Heir, Archivist, Colossus, Pilgrim, ____________

» Wielding your grandmother's sword, Servant of Her Holy Light, A vow of atonement,  child of The Tower, A song in the darkness, mother of the wilds, touched by the Deep, ____________


As the fire burns low, you each take turns recalling a memory from your adventures together. The memory is fragmented, help each other fill in the blanks.

Choose, or roll 1d6. Tell the story of a time : 
You learned something
You took pleasure
You lost
You destroyed
You were changed
You found

When the outcome is uncertain or your memory becomes unclear, ask a companion to roll 2d6. That person describes:

6-    :   An undesired outcome, and how this brought you closer together
7 - 9 :   A complication in the situation, brings complication in your relationship
10+   :   Achieve your goal, but you are caught in conflict

Author Comments

Thank you for reading! The game’s direct lineage is: The Sundered Land, Mechanical Oryx, Apocalypse World, Lady Blackbird

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