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Binary Bandits • 2018 rpg

Brendan Fitzgerald •

Setting: Cyber-70s. Reel-to-reel data centers in downtown, government component manufacturers, trucks carrying the bank's back-up tapes to cold storage, antique technology dealers, all possible targets.

Players are robot criminals. They have a skill, a negative trait, and a name.

-Players get 5 quarters (coins).
-Players flip quarters to perform checks.
-Binary. Heads = 1. Tails = 0.

| 2 | 4 | 8 | 16 | 32 |
| 1 | 0 | 1 |  0 |  1 |

-Players can flip as many of their coins as they want.
-If above check, success. If exact number, critical success.
-If below check, failure. If all coins flipped, critical failure, lose a quarter.
-Quarters can be traded, wagered, or stolen in-game.

Characters meet each other before the heist, introduce themselves, and create a plan.

During this phase, the GM plays the role of a Kingpin. The players form the plan by asking the Kingpin questions about the mark, to which the GM responds honestly.

Players should have a comprehensive plan, and perform checks to acquire the equipment their plan requires.

Before the heist begins, the GM chooses 3 details of the plan and performs checks to see how accurate they are.

The heist begins when all players agree they are ready. 

Author Comments

Expanded version with suggestions for running the game should be coming soon. Will post on Twitter.

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