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I've Been Seen With Farrah • 2018 rpg

Scott Slomiany •

As players, you are a trucker-stuntperson and an escaped super-intelligent talking chimpanzee companion. Government(?) Agent Grimm wants Chimpy back! While you are on the run, you help strangers with problems you meet in small towns that you pass through.

When you enter a new town, the town starts with 5 coins. Grimm arrives when the town hits 0 coins, who complicates matters.

Take a coin when Trucker attempts something...
-"truck-y" or "stunt-y".

Take a coin when Chimpy attempts something...
-highly intelligent.
-Upsetting or entertaining to humans.

When Trucker or Chimpy does something risky, they roll 1d6 plus optionally 1d for each coin spent. Only highest die result counts. 
6: Success! 
4-5: Success with complications.
Anything else: Fail, with possible complications.

Every town needs one person of each personality:  Aspiring / Downtrodden / Aggressive
...who can be:
boxer, widow, waitress, dancer, reporter, ex-con, businesswoman, inventor, carny, groundskeeper, sheriff, matron, car dealer, researcher, candidate, utility worker, other.

...who may be trapped by:
debt, obligation, family, an accident, love, the town, the conspiracy, the disappearance, the past, other.

After making the lives better of 5 strangers. Resolve the finale of Grimm and Chimp with the strangers' help.

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