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Time Fragments • 2018 rpg

Paulo D'Alberti • no link

You are ethereal guardians of time. Someone went back in time to kill shogun Tokugawa. Take on temporary physical forms and stop him. Your time is limited.

three 2-minute hourglasses, stopwatch, tokens

Character creation
Describe a personalized archetype from the time of feudal Japan.

When conflict in the story arises, GM and player/s negotiate the outcome based on the abilities of the character/s until consensus is reached. 
Each player gets 14 (-1 per player) Time Fragments tokens. Every 15 minutes all players lose one token. When a player runs out of tokens, his character loses its physical form and is removed from this game. If an NPC witnesses it, the players lose. 

To save precious time, players can pay Time Fragments to activate special abilities:
- Time Freeze: freeze time for 5 minutes of in-game time per Fragment paid. The whole team can freely move while time is frozen.
- Time Rewind: take you and your team back in time up to 15 minutes of in-game time per Fragment paid.
- Glimpses of the Future: state a condition. The GM narrates what will be the outcome up to the next 15 minutes given the condition.

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