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Pantheon: A Game of Gods • 2018 rpg

M Palladino • @gamemakerM

Four players embody a growing civilization's Pantheon of Gods.

Remove the aces from a deck of cards and distribute. Shuffle the deck, then make a 5x5 grid of cards. This represents the pantheon's domain. Each card is a region; you are worshipped in regions displaying your suit.

Beginning with the Ace of Spades, each deity tells their story: their origins, icons, values, powers, champions, flaws.

At any time you may snap your fingers, effecting the current story by changing a region. To destroy, roll 1d6 and add your number of regions; if this is above the region's value, flip it face-down. If the roll fails, you cannot interrupt the current tale again. To build, play the deck's top card onto any region. Afterwards, weave these changes into the current story. What occurred? Who is responsible?

Presence is Power. Resolve divine conflicts by rolling 1d6, adding your number of controlled regions.

Whenever a story concludes, add a card to the domain's edge.

When the deck runs out, the pantheon crafts their civilization's collapse together. Flip one of your regions whenever you add to this tale. When you are out of face-up regions, tale ends; your deity is Forgotten.

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