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Dawn in Koromel • 2018 rpg

Ron Stanley • no link

Your suffering is an empty bowl. 

Your determination is a second bowl, also empty.

Your life is ten pebbles.

The power of the Keepers is one card from a shuffled deck, face down.

Koromel is your home. The Keepers have controlled you for years. 

When you are ready, choose one:

  [ ] Describe Koromel.
  [ ] Describe the Keepers.
  [ ] Describe how the Keepers mistreated you.

After you finish speaking, put one pebble into your suffering. Let others speak before speaking again. Listen and build on what others say. Stop at ten pebbles.

Choose one below or let others choose. Keep going until the story ends.

  [ ] Describe what you learned or saved, and take one pebble from your suffering.
  [ ] Tell how you united the group or sacrificed yourself, and put one pebble from your hand into your determination.
  [ ] Tell how the group confronted the Keepers, and turn over the card that represents the Keepers' power. Face cards count as 11.
       [ ] If your determination is greater than the Keepers' power, tell how you triumphed.
       [ ] If the Keepers' power is greater, tell how the Keepers defeated you.
       [ ] If your determination is equal to the Keepers' power, end the story in an ambiguous, surprising way.

Author Comments

Thank you to everyone who ever played an RPG with me or read my writing: there are too many of you to name you all. You all contributed, especially Heidi, Chris, and Ariel, and Michelle and Kirk. Thanks to James M. Ward for starting me on this journey. Special thanks to the one who always pushes me to pursue my dreams.

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