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LARPodcast: A LARP About Podcasts • 2018 rpg

Daniel Thoreson •

A LARP / improv game for a crowd of 6+ people.  In each game, groups of players, playing fictional versions of themselves, conceptualize a podcast together. They then perform a sample episode in front of the other participants, who vote for their favorites by "Following" them.


-Groups of 2 or 3 are decided randomly. Each group should have the same number of Hosts, unless the size of the crowd is not divisible by 2 or 3.

-Each group spends 10 minutes creating their podcast together. They decide the high concept (potentially based on mutual passions and interests), the title, and the topic of the episode.

-The episode is Episode 10 of everyone's podcast. Each group should act as if their podcast already has an established format, tagline, and/or intro/outro phrases.

-Each group takes turns improvising their 3-5 minute long abridged episode, with the rest of the crowd as their audience.

-After each group performs, each player writes down which podcasts they would "Follow". Every player must vote for a minimum of two podcasts (or one, if there are only three groups) and cannot vote for their own podcast. The podcast with the most Follows wins!

Author Comments

I run a couple podcasts and love conceptualizing podcast ideas with friends, so I decided to try turning that process into a game. Hope people like it!

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