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Memories of a Gray and Rainy Night • 2018 rpg

Sam van Egteren • no link

Everything is gray, except you and the figures around you.

A Great Noir Detective has died, you are some aspect of them, a virtue, a sin, a characteristic, but you don't remember which.

You play to find out. You find out by recalling memories.

The oldest person in the group speaks first, followed by the person to their left, and so on.

To recall a memory you roll a d6 and recount a moment that shaped, scarred, changed or healed the Detective. The subject of the memory is based on the result of the die.

A "1" is something they said, a "2" is something they heard, a "3" is something they lost, a "4" is something they found, a "5" is something they did and a "6" is something or someone they failed.

You may only speak for 10 minutes per memory.

After each player has done this three times you end the game by introducing the aspect of the Detective you are based on your three memories.

Example , "I am her Hope." or "I am his Guilt."

You decide as a group what kind of person you were, and if you could do it again, would you?

Author Comments

This game is an attempt to explore the character of a Noir Detective in a new way, and grant some insight into how the character feels about themselves.

Thanks to everyone who read my entry and to Amanda C. for editing it.

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