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Weavers • 2018 rpg

Sébastien d'Abrigeon • no link

You are a member of a cabal of Weavers. The day you finish your novitiate, your masters are found dead, in the centre of the Fairywood Glade. 

Each one of you masters three Threads. These are words like Shield, Fear, Fire, Steel, or Illusion, for which you have affinities, and you perfectly learned during your apprenticeship. 
Each one of you masters only one Shuttle, discovered in your youth, that made you a Weaver. Roll 1d6 : 
1. create 
2. transform 
3. destroy 
4. perceive 
5. control 
6. choose.
You are powerful together : weaving a spell requires a wizard to associate their own Shuttle with another wizard's Thread. You need others as they need you. 
There may be more Threads (from the same or other weavers) but only one Shuttle. 

When two or more wizards weave a spell, they roll 1d6 for each applied Thread and 2d6 for the Shuttle. 5 or 6 = successful. 

For every other action where failure is possible, roll 1d6. 5 or 6 = successful.
If three 6s or more, the Fates come and cut one of the Threads used.
When you experiment the true meaning of something, you gain a related Thread. 

Author Comments

Thanks to the Minimald6 Community for the quick help, Norbert Matausch for his inspiring game, and special great thanks to Eric Nieudan for his caring corrections.

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