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We Matter • 2018 rpg

Quin Callahan • no link

We Matter

Your character begins tightly shackled to a chair, the room dimly lit. Similarly tied, the other characters take in their surroundings. Only once does the group hear an ominous outside voice over a crackling speaker say: "One of you must die. Cast your votes. Fail to do so in ten minutes, and you all die instead."

The goal of We Matter is for each player to invent a character (often very similar to themselves) who has been thrust into a horrifying choice. These player characters are trapped in a fictional scenario where they only have one option: to choose one among them to die or to refuse the game and have everyone killed instead. 

-Each character receives one vote.

-A character may cast their vote at any time and may vote for any character in the game, including themselves.

-A  character may change their vote at any time.

-When all votes are cast OR a character has received the majority of potential votes, that character dies, ending the game. All other characters survive. 

-If no character dies within ten minutes, all characters die, ending the game. Nobody lives.

-Nobody wants to die.

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