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Aces over the Adriatic • 2018 rpg

JP Bradley • no link

You are a seaplane pilot in the Adriatic. The year is 1922 and the taverna you frequent is rapt as you tell tall tales of derring-do; fighting sky pirates, finding treasure etc.

For each pilot add six, six-sided dice to the Audience pool.

One Pilot starts telling their tale of heroism. Tally the acts of heroism you describe, roll one Audience dice for each.

1's leave, unimpressed by your bluster, remove the dice from the game.
6's, impressed by your tale, buy you a drink. You keep the dice.
Next the other pilots may each ask one question. If you cannot answer, or if all the other pilots agree you didn't answer properly, give the questioning pilot one of your drinks, if you have one.

The pilot to your left takes the story and explains how they are the real hero, continuing the tale, or may pass.

Once there are no dice left in the audience or all Pilots pass in a round, the night ends. The following morning roll and add all of your drinks. Whoever gets closest to 17 without going over had the most merry evening.

Everyone shakes hands. 

We must do this again sometime.

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