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Magic Eight-Ball • 2018 rpg

Saul Alexander •

Run for a friend. Don't tell them how it works.

Put eleven six-siders in front of them (five red, six blue).

They invent a character. Real-world setting.

SCENE: A child in their family home, in trouble for something. Play the scene. Learn about them. 

If they're a white kid, remove one of their red dice. Otherwise, take a blue. If they were born male, take a red. Otherwise blue. If their family is wealthy, take a red. Otherwise blue.

SCENE: They're a young adult, discovering their sexuality and gender identity. Someone's teasing them. Play the scene.

If they're straight, remove a red die. Otherwise a blue. If they're cisgender, a red. Otherwise blue.

MAGIC EIGHT-BALL: They roll the six remaining dice. Tally up the blues. Re-roll sixes and add them, too. Reds count for ZERO.

1-5: The world treats you like shit (poverty, crime, untreated depression)
6-11: Every day's a struggle (don't get sick)
12-21: You do okay, but keep your dreams small
22-29: You're one of the lucky ones
30+: The sweat of the proletariat is at your disposal. You're golden.

SCENE: Sometime later in life. Show us their destiny (if you can stomach it).

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