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Charlie, the Devil and Me • 2018 rpg

Paddy Hutchinson •

Write these names on three different index cards.

The Devil

Charlie is the only AM radio newsreader we receive out here.
The Devil won't get off my shoulder. 
And here's Me, stuck between them and the backroads.

Charlie sets a scene; reading off the weather, the date and what local event is happening right now. 
The Devil states our most desperate Need.
Ask Me... we'll say how we try to get it.
The Devil says what tries to stop Me, and we get to respond.
Charlie decides who wins out, and closes off with a news report of "the incident".

Possible Needs: Food. Water. Care. An Audience. Help. Fuel. Closure. Answers.

As the scene ends, each pass your card to the player on your left, and the new Charlie kicks us off. Repeat until 9 scenes have played. 

Come the end, The Devil will say what we lost, and ask Me... you'll hear what we found. Charlie, as always, will tell us what the News had to say about it. 

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