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CQ • 2018 rpg

Dan Noland •

The Multiverse Transit Network is broken. Once everyone could travel
between universes. Some used technology, others magic. Now everyone is
stuck, but InterDimensional Messaging (IDM) still works.  

Make an IDM: record a video, post it to YouTube, and make a
G+ post. Make the video less than 4 minutes. Extra credit
for costumes, props, or VFX. Tag it #CQTheRPG on G+ so others can
find it and #CQReply.

Make long chains of videos!

When you make an initial #CQCall video you must address:
* Who you are.
* Where you're from.
* Where you're stuck?
* What difficulties you're having?

When you make a #CQReply you must address:
* Your identity
* Difficulties in your situation
* The outcome (see below) of the previous IDM. 
* Answer questions from the IDM and ask some new questions. 
* Explain an unlikely plan to help your interlocutor with their difficulties. Will it work?

Success / failure:
On upload your video gets a VideoID.
Those numbers / letters at the end are the VideoID.  

Does the VideoID have doubled letters next to one another: aa or
-- but not aA. If it has doubles (odds: ~15%) your plan was
successful. On triples or better (~0.2%) it's amazing.  

Author Comments

I am also a reader. Please do not assign this as one of my readings.

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