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Love and Duty • 2018 rpg

Daniel Comerci •

A game for two players. You'll play lovers hindered by their role in their family/clan/organization. Answer to create them: Who are you? Your family's duty? A secret your beloved ignores?

Each player takes ten six sided dice and ten pieces of paper to write "This is a moment of...". (greed, bloodshed, an unwanted death, etc). Fold them and put in a bowl.

You play scenes in turn until dice or cards run out. At the beginning of each scene draw 1-2 cards to set the scene focal point.

Scene protagonist describes how his character acts, the other player makes and answer questions. 

Love and duty must be at stake at some point in each scene. Both players take a number of dice and roll. Player's highest die wins and decides the outcome (1-2 bad, 3-4 expected, 5-6 best outcome, tie you collaborate), then the scene ends.

As protagonist declare once how your secret is revealed to automatically win the stake, other character will react.

At the end of the game play an extra scene together to describe how things wrap based on the outcomes of previous scenes. Will you finally choose duty or love?

Author Comments

A big thank you to Seth Ben-Ezra and his Showdown, that slightly inspired this game

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