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The Lone Car Beset • 2018 rpg

J. Evan Nyquist •

You are all bound to The Car.

Pick one each.
Chained: You are tied to The Car. Why must you not be trusted?
Faithful: The Car has holy purpose. Why do the Pursuers covet it?
Fearful: You need The Car to escape the Horde. What are they?
Glorious: The Car will bolster your legend. Why is the Wasteland a worthy challenge?

When you act to survive roll 1d6.
On a 6 you succeed.
On a 3-5 you succeed but your bond is hurt or a threat advances.
On a 1-2 a threat advances or you break your bond and succeed anyway.

If your bond is hurt 5 times it is broken, ending your part in the story.

Threats: Horde, Wasteland, Pursuers
Each Threat has a position; Distant, Closing, or Impending that advances as you try to escape.
If an Impending Threat advances it hurts The Car and reverts to Closing.

If The Car is hurt 5 times the story ends.

If there are 5 success The Car escapes, for now, reducing all Threats to Distant.
If you escape 3 times The Car reaches The City and the end of the story.

Which Threat is Closing right now?

Author Comments

I’d like to thanks the Babble On discord ran by @DungeonCommandr. You lot have been fantastic help working on this and my other ttrpg projects! Thanks!

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