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Warrant • 2018 rpg

wolfrug •

One deck, 52 cards. No jokers. Aces are valued at 14.

You work at a security checkpoint, protecting your big-wig employers from the rabble of the pleeblands. But maybe there's a way out? Think of a card: this is your warrant. Write it down and keep it secret. Get fired with this card in hand, and you win.

Draw a pool of clients (players x2) face up. Everyone draws 3 cards from the draw deck to have in hand.

Each player in turn picks a client to clear by playing cards of the same suit; equal or greater value clears. Other players can contribute anonymously, but the wrong suit counts down!

If you succeed, you can either let them pass into the cleared pile or take them for yourself.

Have more or equal cleared clients than failed at the end of the day, or you're all fired!

Played cards and cleared cards are discarded at the end of the day.

Failed cards and cards in hand are re-shuffled into the draw deck.

Another day starts, until the draw deck is empty or anyone cannot draw a full three cards in the morning. Shuffle deck. Begin again.

Work together. Trust no-one.

Author Comments

This game is challenging enough without the backstabbing from trying to win; try with five cards in hand if three is too little. Meant to be a fast and tactical trust-breaking exercise, a bit like Battlestar Galactica but everyone is a Cylon.

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