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Housemates • 2018 rpg

Dan Sos •

you are ghosts that live in the same house. it's where you died. some people live there now.

each ghost decides how they died, and in what room. another ghost talks about an important event they experienced in that room while alive. this continues until everyone has a place of death, and another memory. these are your anchors.

each ghost talks about a change the new inhabitants have made, and why it hurts. another ghost, in secret, writes down a number between one and six. that is your shadow.

after each ghost has narrated their changes, they take turns describing what power they manifest to change the house one final time. it doesn't need to relate to your anchors.

once your scenes are narrated, roll one die. another ghost may tell you to add/subtract 1, but you decide whether to accept the help. after every ghost has rolled, the shadows are revealed.

if you roll above your shadow, you pass on and your story ends. if you roll under, your shadow wins, and remorse takes your soul until the house falls, and you are forgotten. if you roll your shadow, you confront it, and choose your fate.

Author Comments

big love to everyone, especially taylor from riverhouse games, jeff stormer, kate bullock, and c leary

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