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Sea Urchins • 2018 rpg

M D Jones •


~~~~~~\ Sea Urchins/~~~~~~~

Tropical sea breezes. Glorious sun. Glistening water. Playful spray and laughter. Gypsy kids ready for adventure. A small boat sails across clear emerald waters. Feet dangle over the edge. Ancient mysteries deep below. Grandma at the rudder.  Dive for wonders. Dive for riches. live to dive.                   
Shuffle a deck of cards.
Spread them all out face down. 
Diving kid:


Take a deep breath, shout . . .
Swim your hands.
Turn over one card. 

Next player along:

Describe what the kid encounters, noting it on the paper:
Hearts = Natural wonder / Sea-life,
Spades = Ancient structure / Place.
Diamonds = Ancient artifact / Object.
Clubs = Threat: Creature / Environment / Rival gang.
Card value = Number of details to describe.
Aces & Royal cards = Value 5 & 'Special'  (Save for "Journey back").
Clubs force diver kid to lose previous Diamond. 
Diver kids take it in turns.
Each diver kid picks 3 cards before they need to surface.
Each diver kid dives 3 times before the . . .
. . . Journey back
"Grandma is wise and tells tales of the ancient-ones."
Each player with a 'Special' card take turns to play Grandma and recalls a short tale about their particular wonder.

"Ahh! That reminds me of a story..."

Author Comments

Inspired by the Bajau laut sea gypsies. Don’t forget to shout “SPLASH!”

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