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Cardslayer • 2018 rpg

Thomas Evans • no link

What you need to play: Playing cards, Paper, Pencil.
Before the game starts, remove all the royalty(JKQ+Joker) from the deck.
Player's stats
Each stat is determined by a drawing a card from the deck and adding 2.

During an adventure a player may want to do something that has a risk to it. That is a challenge. To do a challenge, the player Draws a card, if the card drawn is lower than the AT stat, the attempt is successful. 

Creatures and Combat
Creature Stats are determined By the GM. 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest. A 10HP/10CB being a dragon, a 1HP/1CB being a goblin. 

When combat begins, players always go first in a round. 
To attack: The player draws a card then adds their AT stat and the card for damage, the result is subtracted from the CB of the Creature and any remaining damage takes HP from the creature. After Players have either Attacked or done a challenge, The GM repeats the process shuffling the deck beforehand. 

When a Creature or Player has 0HP, they're knocked out.

Author Comments

Thanks to my Trusty D&D group, Amy, and Jordack Whitalano’s Destroyer

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