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Sitcom Shenanigans • 2018 rpg

Deon Joubert •

You are self-aware characters who desperately want to last through the season by living entertaining and hilarious episodes. 

Choose a location for the sitcom (for example College, Cape Town or Undersea Laboratory). 

Each player creates a character with:
- An advantageous trait (such as smart, rich, magician)
- A debilitating trait (unlucky, distracted, haunted)
- A gimmick (catchphrase, move, song)

Each trait is assigned two six-sided dice, the location three dice and each gimmick gets three tokens.
To create an episode, come up with a plot summary, using character traits, gimmicks and location effects (a guest character, event or natural disaster). Roll a die for each trait/location effect referenced and add +1 for each gimmick token used to get the episode rating. More dice and tokens can be added after each roll. Each episode needs a rating of 6 or higher, otherwise it's too boring and the sitcom is cancelled.
After each episode, choose a character that was exceptionally funny and renew one of their dice or tokens. 
The season lasts until all dice and tokens have been used up. After the season has ended, you can become everlasting reruns or move on to the next season with renewed dice and tokens.

Author Comments

We’ve had fun play-testing the game, ending our run of “Space Station Space-Boat” with a giant chicken taking over the control room and the cowardly captain ejecting himself from the ship during an evacuation drill.

I hope you have as much fun playing the game as we had!

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