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Honorable One • 2018 rpg

André Tavares •

The players are honorable creatures of the realm. They fight evil and corruption in whatever form. 

The GM will start by writing the first aspect of the realm. Then, each player writes one more. These aspects are true and are what makes the realm a dangerous place.

The creatures have one attribute. Honor. It starts at 5. It's maximum is 10. It's minimum is 1. 

Everytime there's conflict or something to overcome, the player(s) roll percentage. Look at the result of the d10. If the result is above his honor, it's a success. Raise honor by one. On a 10, raise it by two. If the result is below his honor, it's a failure. Lower honor by one. On a 1, lower it by two. If a creature's honor reaches 1 they are taken by the corruption of the realm. 

If the percentage result is a 1, the creature is instantly corrupted, but if it is a 100, his action creates an aspect in the realm. It can be whatever the player wants. An aspect should negate another aspect, but it can´t negate more than one.

The adventure ends when there's only one aspect.

Author Comments

I am glad to be part of the Rola Iniciativa team, a group of RPG’s content creators.

The idea for this system is simple. By the creation of the realm’s aspects both Game Master and Players are involved in the world created by them. By playing there’s the possibility to change it by the mechanic of the one percent. One percent to make a significant change. One percent to die at the hands of the corruption. One Aspect left in the realm Are you an Honorable One? Find out by yourself, play it.

Thank you for reading.

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