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Ghost of a Chance • 2018 rpg

Ed Jones • no link

You are ghosts haunting the old Jenkins mansion.

Good news! Some local kids have planned a seance with an actual medium!  They can allow you to unburden your soul and escape purgatory.

Bad news! The kids got bored and are having a party instead...and it's a rager!

You have six hours until sunrise to find the medium or you're stuck for another year.  There are Obstacles.  Fortunately, you have Ghost Powers to help you.  Each costs 1 Ghost Point to use.  Each ghost has 6 Ghost Points.

Ghost Powers:
Banshee Wail: You can scream across the veil (it's very scary).

Possession: You can take over a person, but you're subject to their level of intoxication. Costs zero point to use if they're unconscious, but you can't move or speak.

Orb: You can make a ball of light.

Poltergeist: You can throw stuff around.

Gremlin: You can break machines.

Glow Stick Dancers: Easily distracted and flailing.

Cuddle Puddle: Easy to get in, hard to get out.

Keg Standers: CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!

Technicolor Pachyderms: They flock around the heavily intoxicated and get in your way.

Goth Kids: Look like mediums, but they can't hear you.

Good luck and good haunting!

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