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L'appel du vide • 2018 rpg

Glenn Given •

Decide who is The Dreamer. They keep their eyes closed during the game. Other players, Narrators, decide if this is "real" or "dream."

Narrators begin with: "You are standing on an edge."

Dreamer may ask what they: 
Where they are
When it is 

Dreamers MAY NOT ask
Who they are
Why they are here
How they arrived

Dreamers may request details on each question once. Narrators who answered first may not answer again.

Narration should force the Dreamer to doubt their judgement. Narrators may exaggerate and employ flowery language but may not lie. If the scene is "real" the descriptions must be of real/common phenomenon. If the scene is a "dream,"remember the goal is to convince the Dreamer otherwise. Uncertainty and doubt are the narrative goals.

When all queries have been answered, or the dreamer decides, they announce whether if they Jump or Retreat.

If the Narrators have chosen "dream" and the player chooses to retreat the player loses. 
If the Narrators have chosen "real" and the player jumps then the player loses. 

Never tell a player if they have won or lost, ever. 
Select a new player and repeat.

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