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Proxima • 2018 rpg

J. Walton • no link


Your character works on a space ship in a fairly mundane far-future, where life isn't that different from what it is now. Give them a name or callsign and daydream about their background, personality, and day-to-day existence.

Pick one of the following kinds of experiences from your real life and post about it on social media, as if it was something that happened in your character's life: WONDER, DISAPPOINTMENT, PLEASURE, DOUBT, BURDEN, HEALING, GUILT, MEMORY, COMPANIONSHIP, or REVELATION.

Label each post with "PROXIMA" and then the date, but run all the numbers together Year+Month+Day+Time, like "201805270908." Feel free to tag a few social media contacts and link to the game's rules, in case they want to participate.

In the fiction of the game, these messages can take a long time to reach other people, due to the vastness of space. So whenever you get around to it (even if it's weeks, months, or years in the future), make a new post. Feel free to respond to the PROXIMA posts of other players. You always play the same character, but allow them to grow and change over time.

Inspired by "One Missed Call" by Caroline Hobbs.

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