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Reverists • 2018 rpg

Rick Sorgdrager •

Humans process experiences in dreams.
REVERISTS instead exude them as a thick syrup.
Using these they concoct REVERIES: authored dreams.

Your workshop is a cottage on Rivulet Way, in the City Adherent.
After the Amaranthine revolution, the City is changing.
Its people crave dreams. And you're selling.


- 6-sided die (D6).
- Deck of cards. Remove court cards & aces.

Each Reverist draws three cards. These are EXPERIENCES.
HEARTS: positivity, melancholy.
CLUBS: echoes of revolution.
DIAMONDS: hardship, drudgery.
SPADES: hopelessness.
Number indicates intensity.


A PATRON wants to purchase a Reverie.
Roll D6 twice: a PERSON and a REASON. Describe the PATRON together.
1 Artisan / Inspiration
2 Veteran / Redemption
3 Firebrand / Hope
4 Workfolk / Rest
5 Ruined nobility / Acceptance
6 Child / Nightmares

Each Reverist commits one EXPERIENCE to the REVERIE.
Place face-down, reveal simultaneously. Describe your EXPERIENCE.

The highest numbered suit, added up, informs the REVERIE's tenor.
Describe the REVERIE together, using imagery from the EXPERIENCES.

Satisfied patrons pay D6 COIN per Reverist. Distribute among yourselves.


Between CLIENTS, choose:
- SECOND JOB: gain 1 COIN, draw DIAMOND.

Then MAKE ENDS MEET: Each spends D6, halved, in COIN.
If you can't, draw SPADE and suffer hunger / homelessness.

Author Comments

Inspired by a twine game I am writing, which was in turn inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service and the mobile game Miracle Merchant.

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