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One Color Short of a Full Box • 2018 rpg

Megan Mize •

A box of crayons, color pencils, or pens of a variety of colors
3 to 6 players

Play starts with the player whose last name has the same number of letters as the items in the container of crayons, pencils, or pens. In the case of a tie, use first or middle names. They are the first to judge the names.

All other players should select a crayon, pencil, or pen from its container. Each person should invent an outlandish, ridiculous, or otherwise silly new name for the color of the item with the goal to make the group laugh the most.

Once everyone is ready, the names are shared starting to the left of the person judging the current round. The winner receives the item and it is removed from play. The winning player is now the judge for the next round and the other players start again.

Play continues until the container is empty. The player with the most items is the winner.

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