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Game of Fate • 2018 rpg

Rainmon • no link

In this game champions are fighting not against their mortal enemies but against Fate itself in any world you can imagine. 
Every champion has 3 Aspects that starts at 2 and have 5 points to divide on them: 
Body as a measure of physical strength and health. When you take damage, you lose one point of body. If it reaches 0 you die. You regain 1 point when you sleep.
Mind as a measure of mental abilities and sanity. When you encounter something horrible you lose one point of mind. If your Mind reach 0 you became totally insane. You regain one Mind when you succeed a roll.
Spirit as a measure of your charisma, in interactions with other characters and with Fate. You can spend 1 spirit to add one ability dice to your roll and choose better result. If your spirit is 0 you are cursed and roll 2 fate dices choosing higher result. You regain one Spirit when you lose a roll.
When champion want to do something that can fail he roll double d10 dices: Ability dice and Fate Dice. If ability dice + Aspect are bigger than Fate dice character wins otherwise action failed. 

Author Comments

This game is parody, and it’s made just for fun.

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