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Impin' Around • 2018 rpg

Emma Glasscock • no link

You'll need a Gamemaster and 2-4 players. Roll a D6 for each action you take. The higher the number, the better. The Gamemaster will determine the results. 
You're the children of the world's greatest sorceress. She left you home alone! Of course, you're not allowed in the lab. But strange sounds came from inside, so you investigated! You'd barely cracked the door before something escaped. 
Now there's an imp loose in your house. If mom finds out, you'll be in SO MUCH TROUBLE.
The imp is very skittish. When you find him, he'll dash to the next room. Chase him back to the lab to Lock. Him. Up! Roll to see what room he's in. 
1. Armoury. Enchanted suits of armour here. Don't let them catch you! 
2. The living room. There's a herd of angry dust bunnies between you and the imp in here.
3. The attic. Full of boxes of baby clothes and ancient artifacts. 
4. The greenhouse. Beware of not-so-friendly plants.
5. Apothecary. Some potions here might help... If only you knew what the labels meant!
6. The lab. You win! The imp starts here so reroll if you get this on the first try. 

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