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Moonlighting • 2018 rpg

Kevin A Swartz, MD •

----------[ Background ]----------

Players are doctors.

Each doctor has one nurse.

Each game is one night on-call with 4 patients (encounters) per doctor.

----------[ Setup ]----------

Each encounter, the Game-Master secretly determines the ailment for the patient:

1d4 "____________"
 1    infection
 2    trauma
 3    failure
 4    hemorrhage   

Then roll again:

1d6 "of the __________________ system".
 1          nervous
 2          cardiac
 3          respiratory
 4          gastrointestinal
 5          genitourinary
 6          musculoskeletal

Example: "infection of the respiratory system"

----------[ Rules ]----------

- Game-Master plays the role of the patient.

- The doctor can ask 4 closed-ended questions to their patient, such as "where does it hurt?" or "what color is your stool?"

- Once per game, the doctor can wake their nurse to take a history and ask 2 more questions.

- At any time, the doctor can make a diagnosis. No other questions allowed after declaring a diagnosis.

- A correct diagnosis yields 2 points in addition to points equal to the number of questions remaining.

- Subtract 2 points for an incorrect diagnosis.

----------[ Winning ]----------

At the end of the game, each doctor totals all their points, receiving 2 extra points if they allowed their nurse to sleep all night. The doctor with the most points wins, which means they get tomorrow night off from work.

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